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Investment growth like a redwood

RedwoodFund LP

About the Project

Redwood fund is a private fund that invests in public small caps. its purpose is to help the right companies grow by giving them both financing and guidance.

Branding Identity Design


Creating an image

RedwoodFund approached RYNO to create a brand that could be identified, and easily understood. With investing in small caps, getting a clear message across to potential investors and clients alike was key.

We had an easy time in terms of creating the right look and feel for RedwoodFund, given that the image is described directly in their name. The hero image is one that gives the feeling of ease, of relaxation, being alone in a damp forest with only the sound of wildlife around you. This was the way we wanted clients and investors to feel about working with RedwoodFund.

We accomplished this by ensuring that our colors were soft and neutral, our fonts are large and descriptive, and most importantly, the information is concise and readily available for easy consumption. The last thing any potential client wants is to have to dig through a hard-to-use interface to find the information they need. Couple that with the excellent explanatory video from the CEO, and boom. Brand created!