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Heart with Care

Marc Ladenheim, MD

About the Project

Doctor Marc Ladenheim came to RYNO with a very simple request - build a website from scratch. Doctor Ladenheim had never had a website before, the only presence on the net was a simple GoDaddy landing page. His request presented some interesting solves, being that he wanted to go from nothing, to the top of google search results immediately.

Content Website Branding


The First Step

Dr. Marc Ladenheim needed a web presence, and he needed it yesterday. He only had a GoDaddy splash page with his phone number, so we built him an integrated web experience that is a virtual client magnet.

Without any presence on the web, a business is virtually invisible. Dr. Ladenheim's situation was interesting, because he relied on RYNO to ensure his site was laid out properly, had all the proper SEO considerations, was responsive for mobile and tablet usage, and provided a way for his clients to understand who he is, and why is was to trusted as a cardiologist. Branding a cardiologist is a somewhat pondering task, because it's a job that can have many different facets.

If you understand how many different hats Dr. Ladenheim wears, you can see that one specific brand style would not suffice. What RYNO did was take positive, flat colors and simple, rectangular shapes in order to draw the user in and welcome them without much riff-raff or unnecessary styling. We created a user experience that was simple to understand because the site is basic enough, and with large enough call to actions that any person of any age could navigate it with ease.